5 Things Not To Do When Job Searching Online

It’s no secret, if you’re job searching in 2016, you will be doing most of it online. When navigating through the online jungle of finding a new career, it’s easy to get lost in job posting sites, updating your resume or crafting the perfect cover letter. Below are five tips for keeping you on track when job searching online.

  1. Don’t Use a Generic Resume: Your resume is your first impression on a potential employer. Before uploading your resume, take some time to assess the job description and tailor your previous work experience and skills to match its requirements. If you don’t have experience or skills that match what they’re looking for, focus on beefing up the education portion of your resume, noting specific courses that helped you learn the skills you need to do the job well.
  1. Don’t Skimp on Research: Familiarizing yourself with an organization’s mission, team and products or services isn’t just a good idea for tailoring your resume or cover letter, it’s an excellent opportunity to understand their core values and see if they match yours. Peruse their website, social media pages or check reviews on Yelp or Glassdoor to get a better understanding of the organization ahead of time.
  1. Don’t Forget to Edit: Anything that you send to a potential employer – cover letters, resumes, thank you emails, etc. – should be inspected thoroughly for typos, grammatical errors, misspelled words, or anything else that might cause the employer to question your professionalism. If you can, print these documents and scan through them the old-fashioned way, using a pen and paper. Editing documents on paper will help you to view them differently, catching mistakes that aren’t as clear on your desktop.
  1. Don’t Disregard Social Media: Social media is an excellent way to learn about new job opportunities, follow up with employers or research the company culture. Sometimes hiring representatives will review a candidate’s social media profiles, so always make sure that your profiles are up-to-date and appropriate for potential employers.
  1. Don’t Stick Solely to Job Posting Sites: Although there are many opportunities posted to job searching sites, there are an enormous amount that are announced via a company’s social media pages, its website or via an industry professional organization’s  website (SHRM, PRSA, etc.). Many times, local government pages will even include a list of current jobs available within the city.

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Author: Brittany Gibson

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