5 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination. It can creep its way into any task. Why should we do it now when we can do it later? I’m sure all of us have heard these words whispered in our ears. As a former online college student I can admit that procrastination was my worst enemy at times. The task of disciplining yourself is a job on its own, and sometimes you just don’t feel like studying. But procrastination doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lazy. Procrastination is actually caused by anxiety, fear of failure and negative perfectionism. So, how do we overcome this monster, you ask? Here are five ways to give procrastination the boot for good.


  1. Know Yourself
    To know ourselves we first have to be honest with ourselves. When we are able to see what is really causing us to procrastinate we will then be able to conquer it. This is true in my own life. Oftentimes, I wouldn’t want to study or write a paper, but I kept my mind on the end result and I pushed through it.
  2. Time Management
    Time management is having the ability to control where and how you spend your time within a single day. You have to really work in order for time management to be one of your priorities. It can’t just happen—you have to want it. For me personally, time management was something I learned the hard way. It’s so important to be intentional with your time, especially as an online student!
  3. Change Your Perspective
    Think about why you started college. Was it to get a good job, be the first in your family to have a degree, to prove someone wrong? We all have different reasons, but we all took that first step and if we are able to keep that moment in perspective, I firmly believe that we can have a healthy outlook on our academic careers. Instead of dreading class we can embrace it and enjoy the process. I love what Joyce Meyer said– “A walk begins with one step and then another and another. No matter how long your journey seems, if you take enough steps in the right direction, you will eventually arrive at your desired destination…and truly have the life you’ve always wanted.”
  4. Commit to Assignments
    Commitment is key when pursuing your degree. While we might be committed to our assignments some of us may find that it’s hard to make time to efficiently study for those assignments. The key to staying committed and being persistent is to be realistic with yourself and to do the best you can.
  5. Be Realistic
    I have become the byproduct of my own unrealistic expectations too many times to count. I think that it is healthy to have goals and expectations of yourself but I also think it’s important to pace yourself. So, in order to beat procrastination once and for all, we have to realize that it too will be a process. Once we embrace that process we will be able to continually move forward, stay productive and no longer be a procrastinator.


-Brooke Cooley


Author: Claire Stewart

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