A Leader’s Character

One area that has really been on my heart lately is character.  I have seen some bad character and some good character in others.  One way I learn about positive character traits is by watching others handle heated situations.  Do they crack or do they hold strong to their values?   I try to take notes on those around me to see how they react. Even as I mess up, I mentally make a note to not go that route again.  Always learning and assessing your life is character building.

It really shows me how I need to watch myself and how I react to all situations around me.  Your character is powerful and it is constantly evolving.  It defines your inner core and what you stand for.  When life gets tough, your character will show through.

Character : the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual 

As for me, my character is constantly getting checked and refined.  As a leader at my work, I feel the need to constantly evaluate my character.  My qualities and values should always hold tight and be viewed and respected by others.  Every day, I change and get shaped just like a potter shapes his clay on a wheel.  I embrace it even though it is frustrating to not always be a finished project.   Just as David in the Bible was allowing God to mold his character to be a better person, leader and father, we too should move towards this.

Remember as a leader to be humble and to listen to your team.  When you make a mistake, admit it and move on.  Don’t cover it up for your own image but be humble to others.  I admit daily my faults and what that does is give my team more respect for me to know I am human and make mistakes, as well. Having a good mental outlook on yourself and who you are is very healthy and keeps you moving forward as your character changes.  Each day I feel more refreshed as I allow my character to change.  It is not easy, but extremely rewarding.  It might take me a few times to get it and go with the change, but once I recognize that I do need to change,  I embrace it.

Wake up in the morning ready for your day and embrace changes within as you go throughout your day.  I can guarantee you that you won’t regret this character building in your life.

Author: Claire Stewart

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