Achieving A Work/Life Balance

April is Work/Life Enrichment month. My family life is very important to me so I make it a priority to keep a balance with my work life. During the last 25 years I have strived to keep a balance in my work and family life. It’s not always easy. Running a family business blurs the lines of separation. Sometimes I got wrapped up in trying to make a living. In the early days there were times I would stay up all hours of the night to get work done. Or I would go back to work after the kids are in the bed to work more.

There was this a that pushed me to go beyond what thought I could do. During this urgency in my life, I went into overdrive. My life completely was out of focus. I had small children and my husband and I both worked. We did the best we could do to keep work and life moving forward. I knew that family was my focus just as much as my job. Being a parent is absolutely a balancing act. You are in a switch mode all the time. Either trying to switch from work to family or back to work from family mode.

One of the keys to my success in these areas was learning to stay focused on the task at hand. When I was at work, I stayed focused on work and doing my best. When I was home, my focused switched to my kids and the various events they participated in. I can’t tell you that I was always able to switch work off, but I knew what was best for my family and myself. There were many times that work and life got mixed together and I would have to find my focus again and get that balance I needed.

One thing I always did was to be aware of when I started to lose my focus; whether it was with work or family and to make sure I got myself back on track. Keeping your focus can be the most challenging task, but also the most rewarding.

Here are some key points I follow to keep your focus:

  • Have mentors in your life to be that guidance you need to keep you on track.
  • When you are at home with family, be at home.
  • Engage with family keeping your focus alive.
  • When at work, remind yourself of your purpose at your company.
  • Make sure you have down time from work so you can recharge your batteries.

Author: Chantell Cooley

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