Happy 100th Birthday, Alma Mater!

Its doubtful students Marie Malmin, John R. Amundson, and Carl Granskou could have imagined the impact their lyrics would have on generations of Waldorf students, faculty and staff when they took on the task of writing the school song in 1915. Indeed, these three students, along with Alice Heiberg who wrote the music, hit a home run with the Waldorf College Alma Mater as it has remained unchanged for 100 years! It has been sung thousands of times to commence the beginning of a new academic year, celebrate homecoming, conclude graduation, and build camaraderie at alumni, donor, and college events, etc. It never gets old, only more endearing.

The Alma Mater is much more than just a song. It evokes an overwhelming pride that touches the very soul of whoever sings it. The “beloved” Alma Mater, as it is often referred to as, signifies tradition. It is sacred. It has the power to induce tears of joy, sentimentality, inspiration, gratitude and love.

This song, written by teenagers a century ago, could not be more relevant than if it was written today. Its timeless message will continue to touch Waldorf students for many more generations to come. May heaven’s richest blessings crown every passing year.

The Alma Mater

All hail to thee, O Waldorf
Thy praises we will sing
Through thy beloved lobby,
The echoing anthems ring.
We sing of precepts noble,
Of loyalty and truth,
Of love and labor blending
To guide the steps of youth.


We love our Waldorf College
The school of Vikings bold,
We love her royal colors,
The purple and the gold.
Then hail, all hail to Waldorf,
Our Alma Mater dear;
May heaven’s richest blessings
Crown every passing year.

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