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April 2017 President’s Message | The Warrior

April 2017 President’s Message

Waldorf University Online Program Offices in Orange Beach, Alabama

This month I had the pleasure of going down to our Orange Beach campus to visit with our Waldorf online staff. You may not know, but while our residential campus is in Forest City, Iowa, most of our online support staff works in Orange Beach, Alabama. You may have already learned this after noticing that many of your advisors had more of a Southern twang than a Midwestern accent on the phone!

These Waldorf University staff and faculty work hard to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible as an online student. When I visited, we were celebrating a new renovation to the Waldorf University building in Orange Beach. The new building is covered in Waldorf campus imagery, the new Waldorf University branding and reminders of the four Waldorf pillars: success, passion, tradition and community.

It is inspiring to see that the Waldorf values are equally honored at both of our Waldorf locations, no matter how far apart we are in distance.  No matter where you reside, you are just as big of a part of the Waldorf University community as any residential student, alumni or faculty member. Our diversity as an organization is what makes us who we are and we appreciate your commitment to our institution.

Author: Elizabeth Burgreen

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  1. My master’s degree will be finished in May, 2017; however, I am concerned that Waldorf may end up like Ashford in Iowa. I just read the article entitled “Closure Delayed (by a Decade).” My reason for completing the master’s degree at Waldorf was because of the reputation for excellent academics and the Lutheran heritage. Will Waldorf follow in the steps of what happened to Ashford? Will my degree be worth anything? Will the accreditation continue?

    These questions came about after reading your comments of how the non-accredited school in Orange Beach seems to be getting ready to close the residential campus. You stated that “When I visited, we were celebrating a new renovation to the Waldorf University building in Orange Beach. The new building is covered in Waldorf campus imagery…”

    I am pleased that I chose Waldorf for my graduate degree; however, please continue the excellent reputation of Waldorf and may this great university never have a reputation akin to Ashford.

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    • Hi Thomas, this is Brittany Gibson, content manager for Waldorf University. We notified Dr. Alsop of your concerns and his response is below.

      Dear Thomas,

      First, congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Earning your master’s is a huge achievement and we are proud that you chose Waldorf. We understand your concerns and appreciate your willingness to have an open, honest conversation on this topic. We will address each of your questions below one-by-one.

      On Accreditation
      Waldorf University takes much pride in our accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). We work very closely with the HLC to ensure Waldorf University operates within the policies and criteria for accreditation established by the HLC. In fact, we have many dedicated resources to this mission.

      On The New Waldorf Online Facility
      We understand your concerns with the announcement of the new facility in Orange Beach, especially after the relatively recent closing of the Ashford residential campus. The new facility in Orange Beach was established to accommodate Waldorf Online employees as well as to utilize additional resources from our parent company, Columbia Southern Education Group. I can assure you that we take much pride in our Iowa roots and have no plans to ever close our campus in Forest City. In fact, we recently broke ground on the Hanson Family Fine Arts Center in Forest City and anticipate that to be completed next fall.

      On Academic Excellence
      Although we cannot speak to the situation with Ashford University and Bridgepoint Education, please rest assured that Waldorf continues to pursue excellence in all its endeavors—academic or otherwise—and strives to uphold its legacy as a reputable academic institution since its founding in 1903. We continue to stay dedicated to our students and alumni and the well-being of our faculty, staff and surrounding communities.

      Thank you again, Thomas, for your sincerity. We are proud to call you a Warrior!

      Bob Alsop

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