Be An Overcomer

I was recently watching the show “Running Wild with Bear Grylls. It’s a great show of showing how you can overcome anything in your life but specifically overcoming enduring expeditions through treacherous terrain over a week or so. Bear brings along most of the time a very popular person through this excursion. This episode Kate Winslet, who is an Oscar-winning actress, talks about her childhood and her career.


Use your mountains as stepping-stones to something bigger.

As she climbs up mountains and lives out in the open each night she shares about the ups and downs of her life and reflects how she has overcome them. One particular story she talks about how she had one mean girl during her school years that bullied her. She mentioned how it was very hard and affected her tremendously. She went on to tell how after she starred in the movie “Titanic” that her life changed. She began to be cast in more movies and became an incredible Academy Award winning star. One day after the movie came out she saw the girl who had bullied her. She went up to her and said, “Thank you for being so mean to me because it made me a better person!” She then walked away and felt great! It all comes back around.

I can relate to that as well. We have something in us all that challenges us to not give in but rather to overcome the things that come against us in our lives. We all face mountains at some point in our lives but there is always a way around them. It might not be as fast as we want but it does eventually move.

Use your mountains as stepping-stones on the way to something big in your future!


Author: Brittany Gibson

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