Being a Servant Leader

Random Acts of Kindness week takes place each February. During this week people are encouraged to offer acts of kindness to family members, co-workers and even strangers.

My definition of “kindness” is being a servant leader 365 days a year. Living the life of a servant leader is the most honorable title one can hold. As a small child, my parents taught me to serve others. To learn to give back even when it was not convenient. To always look for ways to serve out of my need.

So many times I can remember giving back to friends and strangers by doing things for them when it was not so convenient.   Whether it was giving a few dollars to help them out or giving of my time to mentor them, many times it was giving out of a need I had. I was recently explaining this to my daughter as I want her to understand servanthood as a teenager. She was feeling defeated with no true friends and just not in a good mood to be around. There was an opportunity for her to help someone that was in need of some encouragement. She mentioned to me that she was not in a place in her life to offer any encouragement to anyone. I told her, this is the DNA of a servant leader. We go and help others out of a need to serve. Giving back of yourself will create fulfillment that you can’t explain unless you walk in this path.

Servant leaders give back. They are humble. They put themselves on your level to understand what you might be going through. They are an example of picking up the trash no matter what their title is. They are a great leader to follow. Their motto is “nothing is beneath me.”

I want to be a servant leader and this is something I strive to be every day, serving others by giving back and offering acts of kindness.

So, today, and all this month, allow yourself to stand back at home, your job or church and see how you can serve others.

I would love to hear your thoughts on being a servant leader and offering acts of kindness.

See you on the blog!

Author: Chantell Cooley

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