Preparing for Technology Outages

As you may have heard, Blackboard is getting an upgrade and will be unavailable April 29 through May 1. While we work to greatly improve the technology, here are some things you can do to prepare for this brief outage.

  • If you are used to reading everything online, print out the syllabus, study guides and other documents you regularly use before the outage.
  • Visit the Waldorf online library for research or study materials as it will be open during the outage.
  • If you have a research paper due at end of the semester, now is good time to work on it. You can access other resources on the Internet or in the library
  • The week before April 29, print out materials you may need for next assignment

This outage brings to mind: What would you do when faced with a greater event? Are you ready to deal with a disaster as a student?

From hurricanes to snowstorms, there are some natural disasters that you can prepare for as a student. Preparation and knowledge are key to dealing with a possible lack of power and other issues that these disasters can cause. Here are few tips to consider:

  • Before the storm arrives, print out the course syllabus and other guides to help you keep track of what assignments are due and when.
  • Consider a portable charger for your computer when the power goes out.
  • Try to read ahead for assignments if you can so you won’t fall too far behind.
  • Print out any research work you have started for projects so you can use old-fashioned pen and paper to work on them
  • If you can, review previous chapters from your textbooks. You might gain more insight and understanding
  • Before a storm arrives, grab a few books to read for pleasure. Reading is vital and can improve your writing, vocabulary and study habits.
  • As you will likely need light to see, consider getting oil lamps, camping lights and other forms of illumination that don’t require power
  • Lastly, contact your Waldorf academic advisor, faculty, and/or the Admissions Department to let them know you may not be available for the duration of the outage

While these are general tips for preparedness as a student, you can learn more on dealing with a natural disaster to protect yourself, your family and property at

As many of our students work as first-responders or in the safety industry, we know you are aware the need to have emergency contingency plans. However, we remind all students to please have plans ready to deal with a natural disaster. Your life and those you love might depend on it.

Author: Claire Stewart

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