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Building a Strong Team | The Warrior

Building a Strong Team

I work with leaders daily who are always looking for ways to encourage and motivate their teams to meet goals.  As a leader, it can be difficult getting a team to think together and to move forward together.  I believe this is up to the leader and how they connect with their team.  As a leader, you must remember that you can no longer do the hands-on tasks.  Each member of your team now has the tasks to do as you oversee and mentor them.  Your job now is to connect with each member of your team and lead them in the ways they should working and getting tasks completed.  I always tell leaders to become an expert of people rather than tasks.  In order to motivate others, it is all about delegating and how you do that makes the biggest impact.  Here are three key factors to building and leading strong teams:

  • Get to know each member of your team. To do this, you must connect and figure out what their strengths are and what their role may be in your organization. By doing this, you are bringing value to your staff and appreciating them and what they can bring to the team. I give the DISC personality tests to my staff so that I can understand their talents and work with them more efficiently.
  • Encourage your team by showing them the end result. Each member of the team has to feel they are a part of the vision. The more you connect them to your end result the quicker your team comes together to get the job done.
  • Follow-up with key leaders on your team to make sure everything is moving forward.  Your goal as a leader is to find areas that could slow your progress down.  As you unlock these areas, your team will appreciate the progress you bring them.


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Author: Chantell Cooley

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