Christmas at Waldorf

Throughout all of our lives, there are touchstones – places, moments or traditions that we go back to, time and time again. Centering moments that connect us to our faith, our memory, and to our future as friends and family carry them forward.

“Christmas with Waldorf” is one of those touchstones for me, and for Waldorf College. For many of us, Christmas means good company, parties and tasty treats. Along with the anxiety of unachievable expectations, deadlines and shopping (though you might put shopping in the touchstone category, for me it definitely falls under “anxiety”).

In spite of the anxiety and stress it surely causes the artists, directors and performers, Christmas with Waldorf is my centering moment of the season. Year after year, the artistry and beautiful music strip away the artifice and materialism of the secular holiday and reunite me with the sacred. The readings uplift the spirit. Familiar carols bring back sweet memories. New music stirs the soul. And knowing each year that these offerings come from young hearts, some performing for us for the first time, and some for the last, makes the experience even more precious.

Bravo to everyone behind this year’s extraordinary performance. It truly represented the spirit of the season. For those of you unable to hear the concert live, you can view and listen at Perhaps Christmas with Waldorf will become a touchstones of your own during these busy holidays that keep you centered, connect you to your faith, and bring you peace.

Author: Claire Stewart

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