Continuing Education Spanish Courses Now Offered

More than 37 million people speak Spanish in the U.S., making it the most spoke non-English language in America. For many, Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. Bilingual skills could possibly help job seekers land work. They can also lead to key assignments, pay raises, and in some cases, may even be a job requirement.

In today’s global economy, now is the time to take that next step and further yourself by investing to learn Spanish. Waldorf College recognizes the growing trend that is Spanish in the workplace, and now offers a variety of industry-specific Continuing Education Spanish Courses. Whether you’re in health care, law enforcement, or construction, Waldorf College can help you feel confident in your ability to communicate. ENROLL TODAY!

Spanish Course Offerings:

Spanish for Construction

Spanish for Dental Hygienists

Spanish for Educators

Spanish for Fire Fighters

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Spanish for Health Care

Spanish for Social Services

Spanish for Food Services


Visit for full course descriptions. Please feel free to email us at for further information.


Author: Claire Stewart

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