Don’t Forget to Recharge

Have you ever walked into work to realize that your phone is dead? In today’s modern age, it can be a terrible feeling. You review when you charged it last, search for a charger and an outlet and hope it can last the rest of the day.

Just as it is necessary in these times to have your phone fully charged, we need to be charged up and ready for life.  I think many times we are barely ready for our days because of exhaustion due to the stress of life.  We don’t get enough sleep and after awhile we crash and have nothing to offer.

Life is too important to waste days and just be half there or to not have enough energy to make it through your day. We might not realize it, but being fully charged will help us have better days and achieve more.  Being ready for whatever comes our way is not easy.  We have to be fully charged.

When my children were younger I worked and worked.  I don’t know how I made it during those times.  Our company was in constant survival mode and I had small children wanting their mom to give them attention.  I would go to work after they went to bed many times.  My husband would work at home watching them and I would go back to work at the office sometimes until late at night.  I think this enormous amount of adrenaline would hit me and I would have so much energy to perform on just a short amount of sleep.

Those times were necessary because they were my survival days. We all have those seasons of life. But, we all know that those times can not last very long.  Over time I would hit a brick wall and collapse from exhaustion.  I found no time to recharge and get back to my full self.  I learned that tough seasons of life might be necessary but they can not last.  Not taking time to fully charge will in the long run catch up with me.  I became average at everything I did.  I really did nothing well.  I now am very sensitive to this and realize that I am needed at work fully charged.  I am needed as a parent and wife fully charged.

Take time to get yourself recharged.  Figure out how much rest you need each night in order for you to be on top of your game.  Then set time to go to bed and get that rest.  They say you never make up the sleep you lost.  Do some things in life that help you unwind and relax.  For me and probably a lot of women it is watching Hallmark movies! My husband always predicts how they will end but I don’t care.  I like them and it gets me in that happy place.  I am recharging.

Find simple things that you know help you unwind and recharge.  Life will begin to work out better for you.

Author: Claire Stewart

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