Find Joy in Charitable Giving

After a grateful Thanksgiving holiday, we often begin to dream up our Christmas list, spending time thinking about the things we hope to receive from loved ones. We get excited thinking about the thrilled expressions that will spread across our friends and family’s faces as they pick out the gift we hand selected just for them.

We are very fortunate to be able to dream of gifts to receive and be able to give presents to those we care about. During season of giving, consider gifting your time or resources to a charitable organization.

With the end of the year bringing so many festive celebrations and gift giving opportunities, you may feel that financially, you do not have enough to donate, and that’s okay. Charitable organizations appreciate volunteers just as much, if not more, than the financial contributions they get during the holidays.

How to get started, you ask?

First, find an organization which values align with and in which you feel passionate about the work that they’re doing. You may find you’d like to continue to donate your resources (time or money) to this organization as the New Year progresses. After all, new studies show that creating a life of meaning actually creates more happiness, than pursuing a happier life; and we all know that giving to others not only makes them feel good, but you reap the benefits of feeling the joy of contributing to others and making a difference as well.

If you do not want to reach out to a charity directly, organizations like Volunteer Match list all open opportunities in your area and create connections for you to utilize your time at the organization that is the best fit for you

It’s important to only select one (or two at the most) organization(s) that you feel strongly about so you can truly commit to the charity of your choice.

A few organizations you may want to consider include:

  • The Humane Society (Nation Wide)
  • Girl Scouts (National Wide)
  • Citil Impact Ministries (In the Regional Area)
  • Northern Lights Homeless Shelter (Forest City)
  • Trinity House of Hope Womens (Forest City)

Next, contact the organization of your choice and ask them what they are in need of this season. Are they in need of volunteers? Or, are they in need of supplies? Perhaps they are in need of both.

Here are a few ideas to bring your friends, classmates or co-workers in on the fun:

  • Create a drive for supplies at a central location and drop the supplies off at the end of the collection period with a signed card from all who donated.
  • Drum up a volunteer day where you all go together, or you sign up for hour time slots with one other counterpart.
  • Offer to selflessly give up a present this year, for example, if you’re hosting a Christmas party, suggest that in lieu of gifts this year, for your guests to kindly donate to the charity of your choice. Be sure to provide instructions on how to do so.

No matter if you choose to donate your time or money by yourself or in a group whichever charitable organization you choose will truly benefit by your generosity this season, and you will feel a little brighter as well!

Author: Claire Stewart

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