Find Your Purpose

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to know my purpose. Dreaming that I would speak in front of thousands one day to help others was exactly what I wanted to do. At the age of five, I started listening to Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker. My dad would put the cassette tape in his car stereo and we would listen together. Even at that young age the possibilities that each person can make their mark in this world excited me.

I believe there was a reason that Zig’s lessons resonated with me as a child. God knew I needed to know that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I needed to know that when my family was at the bottom struggling to survive with no money to pay bills and just enough to have food in the house that we would make it and to never give up.

As I went through those ups and downs with finances being at an all time low, I held onto the knowledge that I had a purpose. I knew my dad would eventually get a job and we would come out of this terrible financial hole we found ourselves in. I had to believe that we would make it.

You can never lose hold of hope, Even if it is just a thread of it, hold on! No matter how low you get that you can make it. I think we always are trying to find where we fit and when we find it, only then will we truly live.

I encourage you to find your purpose now. You might be right in the middle of your purpose and not even know it. Many times we are stuck in a process that has to take place in our lives in order to prepare us for what great things lay ahead. Just as a book is laid out chapter upon chapter there is a purpose for each chapter. If you skip a few chapters here and there, you will miss out on the joy of reading the book. You won’t get the full story.

Life is like this. Your purpose is there and whether it is big or little it is your purpose. Grab it and start moving into your purpose. I assure you that once you do, you will start being fulfilled and before you know it you will be in the next chapter of your life. Your purpose will become more and more clear to you and even grow into something you did not expect.

I get so excited as I speak about this. Look back in your life and see the areas that created struggles in your life or pain in your family. From this, draw your passion. Usually, that is what directs you to your purpose. For me, many put my family down even as my parents pushed forward knowing there was more for them ahead. Many said we could not start a university to educate adults. My parents firmly believed they could and as a family we made it happen.

All of these life experiences led me to find my purpose and my passion. I have a message to encourage anyone I can find that you can go after your dreams and you can succeed!

Take time now to reflect and find out what really makes you tick. For many, getting your degree will help you find your purpose. Now, I give back to others through education to help them find purpose. I am passionate about it because I lived this. I can relate to those who know the feeling of being unfulfilled. I am so excited and happy to encourage others that whatever place you find yourself now, you can make a difference and go after your dreams.

Find your purpose! It could be right in front of you or just around the corner.


Author: Brittany Gibson

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