Finishing Well In Your Studies

For those students who have made it half way through their first year, first course or first degree, I want to commend you for pushing through to the end.  Going back to school is an experience that can make a world of a difference.  So many things come at you all at once causing stress levels and anxiety that you never thought could be possible, while balancing  family and work obligations.

Even as an online adult learner, going back to school for me was probably one of the most stressful times of my life.  I had a three month old baby that cried not stop as I studied my courses.  But somehow, we all find ways to push through and to make it work.

Keeping your stress level at a minimum will also help you focus of your studies.  Putting so much pressure on yourself will cause you to be over-stressed and overworked.  Learning yourself and knowing your limits are extremely important when balancing your workload. If you know it takes you longer to study, then make time for it instead of waiting for the last minute to cram.

Always remember whatever you do, finish well.  You want to always look back and consider your studies a success. Even if it took everything you had to make this semester successful, and feel proud that you gave it all you had in each of your classes.

Make your next 2016 semester count for you!

Author: Claire Stewart

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