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Focus Your Talents | The Warrior

Focus Your Talents

I fully believe if you are going to go to the next level in whatever you are involved in you will have to identify your talents.  For me, I thought I had to be good at a lot of things to be successful.  I tried to do multiple tasks at my job trying to show my boss that I could really rock all areas.  I would have my head above water for a month or so, but I most always would come crashing down with burnout, eventually.  Trying to maintain the level of perfection that I was trying to keep would always end in failure.  I had done this over and over since I was 19 years old and launched into the business world.

I must say, being so persistent helped get me where I am today, but health issues and  burnout would take too much of a toll on me. I realized I can only be great at one or two things.  The other 49 areas I would run would not be stellar because, first of all, this is too much on anyone and you can only accomplish so much over time and in a day.

As I began to release responsibilities and zone in on what I really was good at, I began to be healthier and more successful.  I honestly could not believe what was happening. It was the reverse of what I thought would happen.  You seem like a failure when you decline responsibilities.  But overtime I began to accept that I am not superhuman and that having a few things on my plate would healthier and my true talents would be seen.

Once you zone in on your talent, you will get that peace and happiness and began to move forward in all areas of your life.

2017 is your year!

Author: Claire Stewart

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