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Half Inch Deep Relationships | The Warrior

Half Inch Deep Relationships


Have you ever involved yourself in other’s lives and you knew you went too far?  You heard too much or you allowed them to know too much about you.  You might have even wished you didn’t know that much about the situation.

A few  years ago I realized that I was getting to involved in situations.  It would happen at work and at home.  I realized that some things I just did not need to know.  Knowing too much about situations can cause you stress because you might take on the problem and it is not even yours to take on.

I developed the “half inch deep” mentality.  Instead of going a foot or two into situations of all kinds, I would just go a half inch deep. I would engage with others problems on a surface level and offer them support but choose not to become invested in it. By doing this, I kept my mind clutter free and focused on the important things.

My life changed.  I feel lighter because I am not taking on other people’s problems.  I can advise and help and even give my opinion but recognize it is not mine to take on. Of course, there are times when you need to go a foot into issues especially with career items or family matters, but realizing the balance and who to let in more and who to keep at arms length is important to a healthy life.

Today, realize who needs only a half inch of effort and those who need a foot.  Remember you can only give so much and your time is valuable.  Be balanced and you will see how much lighter you feel.

Author: Claire Stewart

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