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Holiday Balance | The Warrior

Holiday Balance

Finding balance during the Holidays… or “This is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Every year at the start of the holiday season I tell myself I am not going to let the hustle and bustle get to me! But each year I start out good and then as the holidays get closer and closer I begin to feel that stress creeping into my life. With Christmas being around the corner and not to mention the deadlines at work pounding on you as well sometimes it can feel like the worst time of the year instead of the “Best time of the year.”

Finding balance during this time is key to all the excitement and sharing time this season brings. This year I have decided I will find the balance and keep it as best as I can. What I mean by balance is that I begin to enjoy each day. Taking on what it brings and going with the flow. Handling and dealing with issues as they come and then moving forward. I find as I do this more often, I am more at peace and my life seems to calm down. It all begins with me.  

I have been reading a book by Marilyn Hickey that talks about finding rest in the midst of chaos. Learning to let go and just take each moment and deal with it.  As this happens, you will find that the issues you face might not be as bad as they look and know that in a few days or a week, this issue will change and life will continue to move on.  

I love Christmas Hallmark movies and I just watched one called ‘Christmas Eve.’  This single mom had one thing after another happen to her on Christmas Eve. She went out of her way to help a stranger who fell in her driveway by taking him to hospital. Then, she left her car parked in the holding zone at the hospital too long and so it was towed. Her son then broke his arm during this time and so it goes on and on. Finally, at the end of the day and into Christmas Day she began to see through all the issues. The love and care for family and friends outweighed all the “stuff” that hits us and knocks us down. She saw that enjoying the little things is what carries you through. 

So this Christmas, I encourage you to enjoy your time. Sometimes you just have to just insist that you will enjoy this time of the year regardless of the obstacles you can face. Enjoy your family and children and make a new tradition. Memories last forever and they keep you going through the hard times.

I would love to hear from you. Let us know how you handle those holiday woes and how you take life one day at a time.

Author: Chantell Cooley

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