In Focus: Eron Sunshine

The calling to a career can be subtle or eye-opening, as it was for 34-year-old Waldorf student Eron Sunshine when he was younger.

“I always wanted to help people. I just did not know how I wanted to help. One day, I witnessed a classmate having a seizure. The first people to show up were the paramedics and they were able to help her come out of the seizure,” he explained.

“After that day, I wanted to learn about first aid and I wanted to be the person who was able to help out in an emergency.”

After serving in the military and completing an associate degree in his native Georgia, Sunshine began his first job as a paramedic/firefighter in 2005 in Hall County. Since that time, he has continued to work as a paramedic/firefighter for other Georgia emergency services and currently works with an ambulance service in Roswell, Ga.

While enjoying his career, Sunshine decided to enroll in Waldorf College in 2012 to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in health care management.

He chose Waldorf because “I wanted to find a school that was affordable, accredited, and was based on Christian principles and Waldorf College was able to meet all three requirements.”

In addition, completing a bachelor’s degree has special significance to him. “Having a degree allows for a person to have greater options in life as an opposed to being stuck in just one career. While I love being a paramedic and helping people, I can use this degree to help people. It just may not be as a paramedic on an ambulance,” he explained.

As a Waldorf student, Sunshine said he has enjoyed his coursework, the faculty and staff of the college.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in December of last year. In February, while undergoing treatment, I was really close to dropping out and taking a break. The staff at Waldorf College was able to grant me an extension for the class and encouraged me to finish,” said Sunshine, who is now fully recovered.

As Sunshine continues in his career and his education with Waldorf, he plans to still “be the person” to help out others in need.

Author: Claire Stewart

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