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July 2017 President’s Message | The Warrior

July 2017 President’s Message

Hello Students and Alumni!

I hope you are having a fantastic summer and you are staying cool and relaxed, wherever you may be!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the four pillars that our institution was founded upon. Last year when we made the transition from Waldorf College to Waldorf University, we reviewed our values, core mission and vision. From that discussion, there were four words that stood as a testament to the past, present and future of our institution. They are tradition, passion, community and success.

While these are common words with general meanings, their importance to the Waldorf community is invaluable.

Waldorf has many proud traditions, from our second in the nation choir, to our liberal arts education rooted in our faith, to our strong athletic programs.  But another aspect of Waldorf’s tradition is change.  Since 1903, Waldorf College has gone through many changes. It first began as a Lutheran academy founded by Norwegian immigrants which provided instruction for the last two years of high school. Then in 1920, it became a junior college with an emphasis on business and teacher education enriched with the values of a liberal arts education. In 1994, Waldorf offered its first bachelor’s degree programs.  In 2010, Waldorf rolled out its first online degree program and in 2014 we offered our first graduate program. We have always been an institution who evolves to fit the needs of our students.

The next pillar is passion. It is an emotion painted across the faces of students across the campus. You can see passion in our athletes when they are playing a game, our professors when they are leading a class, our theatre students when performing a riveting monologue and our students when they present their knowledge and research. Passion has always been strong throughout the history of Waldorf.

While the Waldorf community used to only reside in Forest City, Iowa, our community has grown exponentially since our founding. We have Waldorf online students who are around the country and around the world, as well as the many Waldorf alumni across the world who also retain our sense of community and the sense of Warrior pride. All of these people add to the larger Waldorf community and they are an integral part to who we are.

This isn’t just referring to our success as an institution. This is about the success of every Waldorf warrior. It is the success of those who graduate becoming a better, more thoughtful and more compassionate individual because of their educational experience. The Waldorf success is one that we cannot measure, but goes on far past our reaches.


Throughout your experience with Waldorf, I hope you are able to experience the kind of passion, community, success and tradition that we envision for every student.

Author: Elizabeth Burgreen

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  1. I currently have two classes remaining to complete my bachelor’s in fire science. It has truly been a pleasure taking online courses through Waldorf University. Two other firefighters that I work with started taking classes also, they say the same. I just wanted to take a minute and say “Thank You” for always being so kind and pleasurable on the phone. If I ever have any questions, the staff returns my call promptly and uses my nickname which makes it a little more personable. Thank you again and I cannot wait to finish my degree.
    P.S. I will be 48 when I graduate and still plan to walk across that stage !!!!

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    • Hi John,

      We are so proud of students like you who have not only decided to go back to school, but have encouraged others to do the same. Thank you so much for sharing your story and we look forward to seeing you at graduation! Oh, and congratulations on your degree. You are a true Warrior!

      Brittany Gibson
      Communications Manager

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