June 2017 President’s Message

Are you feeling some late spring fever?

I have noticed that I, and many around me, are feeling the effects of spring fever. It seems as days get longer, our attention spans shorten and we look forward to vacations and events later in the year. On some nice spring days it is hard to sit in an office. And I bet it is even harder to work on your school work when family events, work commitments and beautiful weather are all on conflicting schedules with your study time. I thought you might need some inspiration and motivation for these late summer days. Check out quotes from two member of the Waldorf family and read their full stories for more inspiration.


Micah Ashby
“My motivation has simply been my children and my wife. To finish my degree would show my kids the power of earning a college education and that it can be done while working a full-time job,”

Like many of our students, Micah Ashby struggled to find his career calling at first. Working in the aerospace/defense industry for 12 years, Micah was ready for a change, but wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do. After considering his options—and a chance encounter at work—one day it just hit him. Flash forward a few years and now, Micah is graduating from Waldorf year with a B.A.S. in occupational safety and health. Read the rest of Micah’s story here


Jim Coulson

“My biggest motivator to finish my degree is just self-improvement. I always wished I’d have finished school when I was young; this is a regret I can rectify.”

Earlier in his life, Jim Coulson didn’t want to take on debt while his children still lived at home. When time permitted, he took one class per semester at a local community college to obtain his A.A. After getting his children through college, he decided to take reigns on his education and enroll at Waldorf University. Read the rest of Jim’s story here


I hope these stories give you a little motivation to push through your work and get everything done this week. Have a great month Warriors!

Author: Claire Stewart

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