Learning Partner of the Quarter

With eight students enrolled in Waldorf College, learning partner Hendersonville (Tenn.) Fire Department places a heavy emphasis on education.

“Education is a key factor in the selection of department leadership,” said Hendersonville Fire Chief Gary Parker. In fact, the group’s mission statement includes this: “To accomplish this mission, we task ourselves to become increasingly knowledgeable and proficient in the areas of public education, fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue and other related activities.”

Waldorf is helping online students at the department reach this goal. Several said they are happy with the courses and the online flexibility to complete their degree without taking unnecessary time away from their family.

Capt. Westly Patrick was very appreciative of his experience at Waldorf College. “Every time I call, my questions are answered fully. My student representative and academic advisor are always cheerful. When I have had an issue, it has been taken care of promptly.”

Fire Marshal Chuck Swann added, “I am able to apply information learned in my classes to my job every day. Prevention is a major part of my job and the emphasis placed on this in the courses at Waldorf is very helpful.”

The fire department, which has been a learning partner with Waldorf since February 2011, serves more than 50,000 people within the Hendersonville city limits and responds from six fire stations.

Author: Claire Stewart

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