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I am constantly reminded to stop dwelling on petty things but to overlook most all things that come against you and focus on living life and giving back.  I was visiting with a friend of mine and he made a profound statement that is still sticking with me.

He mentioned his friend went through a tough time with overcoming cancer. He had a new take on life as he walked through this life-threatening time.  It made him not dwell on the petty things of life but live life for what it is meant to be. He had this smile that never left.

I thought about how I can get wrapped up in having fear grip me over things in my life. I worry about tomorrow when today has not ended.  I desired that day to make changes and to live out those changes.  My goal is to live life in the present.  For me, this is learning to walk on top of your circumstances and not be moved by things around me.  I want to believe in others and give back to help them go after their dreams.

I believe as we hear stories like this, they are reminders to let go of the stuff that weighs us down and to go after our passions and things that matter most. They remind us to put family first and your job second.  They remind us to be there with your family and take time to just listen to their needs.  They remind us to spend time with your parents to gain wisdom from them and to acknowledge them and respect them for where they are today.   They remind us to celebrate even the smallest victories by going out to eat or just making a celebration meal.

Why not celebrate more? 

Make steps today to start this change in your life.  Begin to search for what is distracting you from your real life and set those things aside.  Remember that you can only take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.  Look for ways to celebrate!

Author: Chantell Cooley

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  1. Chantelle, your article is very inspiring. Thank you for challenging us to let go of those things that prevent us from living healthy and happy lives. Although we know these things, we sometimes still allow life’s circumstances to consume us. I am going to try and follow your advice by focusing on what’s important, family and friends.

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