Make 2017 Your Year

Though I will still be writing 2016 on checks for the next three months, I am very excited that we finally made it to 2017!

For some of you, 2016 may have been a rough year filled with struggles and uncertainty. For others, it may have been a year filled

with positivity and success. But the great thing about the new year is that this is a time to wipe the slate clean.

No matter what happened last year, take the time this year to reset your focus, motivate yourself for the future

and set goals for the rest of the calendar year. This could be the year you finish your degree or

the year you start a family. Focus on your goals this year and don’t stop until you have achieved them.

And as always, focus on the good you bring to the world and always strive to make a positive

impact on the lives of those around you. Not everyone may be as lucky as you in life and the

more positivity we can spread, the better the year will be for us all.

Best Wishes,

Bob Alsop

Author: Claire Stewart

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