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Meet the Librarian: Derrick Burton | The Warrior

Meet the Librarian: Derrick Burton

You might think libraries are old fashioned or a thing of the past, but that is far from the truth. In our fast paced and very digital world, we believe we have access to everything we need at our fingertips through the keyboard and on the Internet in front of us, but how much of that information is factual? Consistently on social media we complain that our friends and family members are sharing fake information. The Internet can be a very valuable resource and sometimes a not so reliable resource. The reason libraries are still around is because of their authenticity and accuracy.

At Waldorf College, we offer an online library of resources available to online students. There is even a librarian to help with the online library and online students. Meet Derrick Burton, Director of Waldorf’s Online and Residential Libraries.

Before becoming the director, Derrick was the reference and instruction librarian at Waldorf College. He has worked in a number of libraries and archives, including the Michigan Opera House.

As the librarian director, he has a lot of different responsibilities including developing resources for the online library, coordinating with faculty to make sure they are getting the appropriate support and staying in touch with students to make sure their issues are resolved.

Early in life Derrick was an Eagle Scout and performed community service throughout much of his youth and college career, indicating that service has always been a strong part of family life. He said, “In many ways being a librarian is an extension of that: helping people and meeting the needs of the community, only this time it is more closely aligned with my own hobbies.”

Always being a fan of libraries, many don’t realize that you can make it a profession and career. Derrick knew that in some capacity he would want to help people and realized after he completed his undergraduate degree and fell in love with libraries that he could become a librarian.

Librarians see books, titles, authors and resources consistently and read often. We wanted to know what kind of books librarians read and enjoy. Derrick shared with us that his current favorite book is “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara. He said, “It is a beautiful but emotionally difficult journey about friendship, life and our relationships with the world.”

To keep students on their toes, Derrick has an additional recommendation for students. He suggests they pick up a copy of “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt. He said, “It is a murder mystery that takes place in a quiet town at a small liberal arts college much like Waldorf.” Sounds a little spooky and a fun read in October.

Have questions about the online library at Waldorf College? Feel free to reach out to the librarians and ask questions. You can always reach them at library@waldorf.edu or through the Ask a Librarian tool in the online library.

Author: Claire Stewart

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