No Regrets

I attended a funeral today that really shook me. I know it is a sad time because of a loss, but if a person has lived their life to the fullest as this person had, then it really is a celebration of life. I went there knowing I would probably cry since this person and her family knew of my dad and were close to him for many years prior to his passing away. I even went through some grieving again just for a brief moment or two, wishing my dad were here. But as I sat there, I thought about what wisdom I could grab from her life and the legacy she left behind.

One thing I did get from this wonderful lady’s legacy was that she lived life with no regrets. They mentioned she could cry a river if she was passionate about something. That tells me she was very open with her feelings. She was known to make others laugh which brought joy to those around her. She was known to live life to the fullest going all out, and making the best of all situations. And finally, they said she was a great mom, a prayer warrior. Her children and husband were her world. What a great woman Nan Weaver was and what a powerful legacy she lived and is now passing on.

My take always from these experiences are to live life with no regrets. To make the most of things that come my way. To turn them into good and somehow learn from the experience. To strive to be the best at whatever I set my hand to do. To go all out making each day count for results. To love my family, I mean to really love them. To pray for them and care for them and most of all, have no regrets.

So how do I do that? Before I go to bed, I make sure I forgive others and hold no grudges and  look deeply into the hearts of those that might hurt me unintentionally and find the good in them. I try not expect so much out of people by holding them accountable to my own standards. I try to love them enough to let go of hurts and failures and bless them. But most of all, to love myself and to let go of regrets. I refuse to live in the past and to look to the future and to take what I learned in my past and push it forward as a learning experience that will help others in the future.

Author: Claire Stewart

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