President’s Message

I hope you are all enjoying the fall weather. The leaves are starting to change and the campus is ready to explode with fall colors. Like most people, I enjoy the cooler weather and have a desire to be outside more to witness the transformation of the foliage. Fortunately, football games and soccer matches are providing ample opportunities for me to enjoy the weather and get into the school spirit. Many of our games are streamed live for you to enjoy no matter how far away from Iowa you may be.

Today is Constitution Day, a holiday recognizing the day the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created. It seems fitting that the signing of the constitution occurs during this season of transformation. The U.S. Constitution is transformational document, taking influences as diverse as Greek philosophers to Enlightenment thinkers to Native American culture to create a new frame of government. The document redefined how we think about ourselves as a people and our relationship to our government.

Education, too, is an experience of powerful transformation. As president of Waldorf College, I am continually reminded of what an education can mean to someone not only looking to improve his or her life or boldly embark on a new career path, but to redefine him or herself. Not unlike our constitutional forefathers, you are talking on a great challenge, rising to the occasion, and transforming the life before you.


Author: Brittany Gibson

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