President’s Message-September 2016

Students and Alumni,

The leaves are beginning to change here in Forest City and the warm summer nights are being replaced with crisp evenings. Some are rejoicing at the change and others are sad that summer is on its way out.

On September 16th, we will be celebrating Constitution Day, a holiday recognizing the day the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document that defines our current nation. It seems fitting that the signing of the constitution occurs during this season of transformation like fall. The signing of this document acted as a turning point for our country and our founding fathers.
This document redefined how we think about ourselves as a people and our relationship to our government.

Just like this historical document, education changes the lives and histories of those who are a part of it.
Here on campus and through our online students, I am continually reminded of what an education can mean to someone not only looking to improve his or her life or boldly embark on a new career path, but to redefine him or herself. Not unlike our constitutional forefathers, you are talking on a great challenge, rising to the occasion, and transforming the life before you.

I encourage you to read up on the importance of Constitution Day and to evaluate the change that this document has made on our lives and the lives of our ancestors.

Author: Claire Stewart

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