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Principles of Success | The Warrior

Principles of Success

While summer seems to go too fast, as students and teachers we anticipate the first day of class with much enthusiasm. We revel in the fresh start that a new academic year brings – with new challenges, new goals, and new successes.

While Waldorf’s flexible online classes do not operate on a traditional academic schedule, the fall is a good time to reflect upon our own academic and professional goals for the year. I encourage you to remain steadfast in the pursuit of your education. And do not settle for just getting by. I am confident that with the assistance of Waldorf’s great faculty and staff, you can exceed your own expectations.

Studies show that three key practices lead to student success, and all three of these practices are within your control. First, you must believe in yourself! No matter what successes or failures you have experienced in the past, the foundation for your future rests in a belief in yourself. So start this fall with a positive attitude about yourself and your studies.

Second, hard work matters! This can be tricky. When you are juggling a job, family, friends and other responsibilities, there are just not enough hours in the day. With everything going on in your life, make sure you can carve out a set time in your schedule to get to your studies. Perhaps it’s after you put your kids to bed, or on your lunch break at work, or maybe you are an early riser and can hit the books before breakfast. It doesn’t matter when, it just matters that you have a dedicated time to work on your studies.

The third key practice is to engage with your academic community. This simply means that you build strong relationships with the faculty and staff. This can be a bit challenging in the online environment, but this is something we specialize in at Waldorf College. We want to know you not just as students, but as unique individuals. We enjoy talking to you on the phone or answering a text. The more engaged we become as an academic community, the more learning will take place, and the greater success you will enjoy.

So there you have it: believe, work hard, and engage! The three keys to your success.

Dr. Alsop has served as Waldorf’s president since 2011, but his first love remains being in the classroom and helping students succeed.

Author: Brittany Gibson

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