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Read Up on the Waldorf Online Library | The Warrior

Read Up on the Waldorf Online Library

To help students, Waldorf College offers online and residential libraries. When speaking with the Director for Waldorf’s Online and Residential Libraries, he answered questions on how the library could help students have access to what they need to be successful in their classes.

“The library staff if here to answer questions and provide help to students,” said Derrick Burton. The online library is a college of tools, websites, eBooks and databases that help students locate supplemental readings, perform research and support their education through their time at Waldorf.

Through the online library, students have the ability to find answers to questions that may have been raised in class. It also provides research opportunities to help with homework, papers, and projects. Libraries provide plenty of educational material to help expand knowledge beyond the digital classroom.

A common misconception about libraries is that students think they are impossible to use. While Derrick says that while he won’t deny that it takes a little practice to get use to, once you understand the basics, students are often surprised by how much information is practically at their fingertips.

Ask for Help! The best advice from the librarians is to ask them for help. The library is here to answer questions and provide assistance. Derrick said that no two questions they receive are ever the same. The most common questions they receive usually involve how to locate a specific article, help with APA citations, best ways to perform research and why citing is important. They’ve even answered questions about research, locating materials, broken computers and anything else that comes their way.

The librarians constantly work to develop guides and videos, respond to emails and answer incoming chats. That’s right, online chat! New this year and the biggest addition is the “Ask a Librarian” tool. The service has already made an immediate impact on students as they have appreciated being able to get in touch with a person and receive one on one real assistance through the online library. If you are stuck on a project, Ask a Librarian! This feature provides assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The online library and librarians are committed to support students in whatever ways possible. They often times go above and beyond the call of just books and articles. They have tracked down missing textbooks, given tours of the online library over the phone and helped students find supplemental readings. They need to know that you need help in order to help, so feel free to call, email, use the Ask a Librarian chat feature to get their attention.

“We are very excited about all of the growth happening within Waldorf and we’re doing our very best to make sure we are not only keeping up but looking ahead for the future,” said Derrick. If there is something that you would like to see the library add, teach or discuss, feel free to send in suggestions. You can always reach a librarian at library@waldorf.edu.

Author: Claire Stewart

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