Rolling and Revising

Waldorf course support coordinator Vanessa Doden can check course evaluations and check you into a wall while roller skating with the River City (Iowa) Dames of Anarchy.

The 2009 Waldorf graduate is new to both jobs and relishing them.

As a course support coordinator, Doden handles course evaluations, course revisions, textbook requests and issue tickets for anything Waldorf.

“I also oversee the revision calendar for all courses. Being on the residential campus, I also get to be a point of contact for both locations,” she added.

Returning to her alma mater has been exciting and comforting. “There’s a strong support system here amongst faculty/staff and it’s great to see both old and new faces alike,” said Doden, who grew up in the Forest City area.

She was drawn to her new job “because it would allow me to work with both Waldorf and CSU staff at the Forest City and Orange Beach locations. Also my onsite supervisor Faculty Coordinator Tony Wical, whom I have worked with previously, was a big promoter of this position. Being Waldorf alums and past Admissions employees makes us a great team.”

The other great team she enjoys being with is the River City Dames of Anarchy roller derby group which she describes as “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

“It has really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and participate in something I never knew I could. I enjoy how we all work and play as a team and getting to run into people can be pretty fun, too,” said Doden.

She started practicing with the team six months ago and just recently began scrimmaging (giving and taking hits and blocking) this month as well as working toward passing the minimum skills requirement of 27 laps in five minutes. She is eager to debut and destroy opponents in March.

Author: Claire Stewart

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