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Scheduled Blackboard Upgrade | The Warrior

Scheduled Blackboard Upgrade

Waldorf College recognizes that our students need to remain up to date with the latest information and technology in their fields. In the same way, our institution continually strives to stay current with the latest technologies to serve our students.

In order to continue to provide our students with an exceptional online learning experience, Waldorf College will be upgrading from our current version of Blackboard. This upgrade will take place from April 29th through May 1st. During this time, Blackboard will be unavailable to all users. This includes students, faculty, and institutional staff. Students are encouraged to access any course work they may need during the upgrade one week in advance and to work off-line, if possible, during the upgrade. Accommodations for Term 5A15 are outlined below.

Term 5A15 Students will be allowed to submit Unit V until 5/8/15 with no point deduction.


Students should also note that grading windows will be affected by the upgrade, and should be prepared for a small delay in grading for assignments submitted a day or two prior to, or after the affected dates. For students in Term 5A15, Unit IV grading will completed by 5/03/15 and Unit V will be completed by 5/12/15.

To ensure that their system will meet the compatibility requirements of the upgrade, students should review the information provided by Blackboard here.

Waldorf College wants our students to be prepared for the upgrade. Any questions regarding the compatibility of your current system and Blackboard are welcome, and should be directed to the Tech Support 877-399-1063 or techsupport@waldorf.edu.

Author: Claire Stewart

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  1. Is there currently a problem with the Blackboard? I can’t seem to be able to access it. I can get to the student portal, but once I click onto “blackboard” it opens up a scrambled page.

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    • Hi Mathew,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. If Blackboard is still giving you trouble, our tech support can help you. Call Tech Support at 877.399.1063 for immediate assistance. Please let us know if you need anything else.


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