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Season’s Eatings: Fruits and Veggies Currently in Season | The Warrior

Season’s Eatings: Fruits and Veggies Currently in Season

Whether you’re currently enrolled in summer courses or taking some time off, eating nutrient-rich foods (especially fresh ones) is important to keeping your brain healthy for learning year-round. Here are five nutritious – and delicious – foods currently in season to keep you and your brain healthy this summer.

  1. Berries: Summer is peak picking season for blackberries, blueberries, mulberries and strawberries. Eat them with granola, in a parfait or fresh out of the pint.
  2. Cherries: Famous for pie, this sweet fruit is a good choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat them in a salad, in a glaze over salmon or raw, for an easy-to-pack travel snack.
  3. Corn: In a casserole, creamed or grilled alongside barbecue, corn is America’s quintessential summer vegetable.
  4. Green Beans: On the grill or in the pot, green beans are excellent side dishes that can be paired with almost anything: chicken, fish, steak – you name it!
  5. Melons: Cantaloupes, honeydews and watermelons are excellent summer fruits – and provide much of your daily water intake. Not to mention, one melon contains multiple servings, making them easy on your wallet.

Want to learn more about brain healthy foods? Read the Warrior blog post “Snack Healthy While Studying.”

Author: Brittany Gibson

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