Spring Cleaning Social Media Profiles

While spring is in the air, so is college graduation. A huge congratulations to all of our 2015 Waldorf graduates! Whether you just graduated or are almost finished, you’re looking to take the next step in your career. You’ve worked hard to complete your education and are now ready for a new job or promotion. Where will your potential employer look? Social media networks.

We live in a digital age, in which ignoring social media is not an option. Most potential employers will look into your social network profiles before even offering an interview. Are you prepared? Employers are not looking for you to be non-existent on social media, but focus on what is appropriate. How does your social media profile look right now? Social media can be a benefit to your career or become detrimental.

While spring cleaning may be on your mind for things like dusting fan blades, waxing the floors and vacuuming the nooks and crannies you normally wouldn’t, we’d suggest a different kind of cleaning. Begin with a spring cleaning of your social media presence and building a professional brand.

So, here is how to get started.

Set up your professional social media account
Create a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking website. Update your profile photo with a professional headshot. Enter your higher education information including classes that you’ve taken and your degree program. Update your experience and what skills you have gained. Start connecting with your professional peers.

Analyze your pictures/posts
Pictures and posts are a direct reflection of your personal brand. Scroll through all of your posts and photos and delete any that would reflect a poor image. While applying for jobs, keep a professional photo as your profile picture on all of your social networking platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Language and Grammar
Surely your language online is that of a professional manner, however, make sure you are not offending anyone with the type of language you are using. While human resources could be looking into your profile for information, make sure your grammar use is correct as well. Facebook and Instagram allow for edits to posts and photos and can be instrumental in editing your past posts.

Privacy Settings
Oh, you have privacy settings on your social media profile? Think you can still post whatever you want and only your friends will see it? Think again. Even if you are using privacy settings, you should still be careful about the pictures and posts on your profile. Privacy settings are prone to change in an instant, your friends and acquaintances can also share what you’ve posted or talk about it in the community. What happens on social media does not stay on social media. Don’t try to contain your profile through privacy settings, use good judgment on posts and photos.

So before you send out that next tweet, update or post a photo – think about your potential employer. Social media can be a positive tool used to influence others and show your professionalism and brand.

Congratulations and good luck!

Author: Brittany Gibson

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