Take 5: Benefits To Breaking

As an online student, you may stare at a computer screen for hours. Throwing a few breaks into your study routine can improve your memory and focus. In fact, research has proven that taking a break – even for 20-to-30 seconds – is beneficial to your overall health. Whether you’re hitting the books or working on a huge project, small doses of downtime can even amplify your productivity, empowering you to get more done in less time.

Better Health: One of the most important benefits to taking a break is the profound affects it can have on your physical health. And it’s no secret that sitting at a computer all day is detrimental to your well-being. In fact, walking or stretching every 20 minutes is enough to make a difference.

Keep a Fresh Perspective: Re-committing yourself to a project or task gives you an opportunity to view it differently each time. Each time you take a break, regroup and view your issue from another angle, persona or direction. Mentally removing yourself from the issue will encourage your brain to reconsider additional options.

Mindfulness Matters: Meditation is an easy way to clear your mind of the clutter, creating more mental space for goal-setting and positive thoughts. Studies have even shown that creating a sense of mindfulness can increase your life span, empowering you to live more peacefully with less burnout. Mindfulness can also improve your creativity and keep you happier longer.

Stay Focused: We’ve all been “in the zone” before – that place where our brains seem to be in sync with our task, skipping together hand in hand. And then, you hit a brick wall. Studies have shown that the sudden decrease in performance is perfectly normal, and could be simply remedied by taking a break approximately every 40 minutes.

Next time you’re stuck in a mental rut, take five. Whether you go for a quick stroll outside, eat a healthy snack, or just sit and meditate – treat yourself to a break. You deserve it. For more work and school lifestyle tips, visit “Let’s Get Organized” on The Warrior Blog.

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Author: Brittany Gibson

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