Take A Hike: Benefits to Hiking

January has come and gone, and many of you might have struggled to uphold those New Year’s resolutions. With spring looming right around the corner, you may need an extra boost to take a break from your studies and breathe in the fresh air. There are plenty of reasons to get outside, take a hike and go rogue.

  • Take a Beat: If hiking alone, you can use the time to reminisce on your day or meditate. Disconnecting from technology helps you to reflect on the positives in your life, whether it be your family, friends or job.
  • Turn it Into a Group Outing: You might want to get a group of friends or colleagues to take a weekend hike to one of your favorite parks. Enjoying the fresh air with a great group of people will help ease your mind and refresh your energy.
  • Get Some Exercise: Hiking is great exercise! Instead of staring at the treadmill screen for 30 minutes, why not go outside and embrace the beautiful scenery on a hike instead? Doing this will help pass the time so it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck in the dreaded gym all day.
  • Explore New Places: This activity also gives you the chance to explore new places. If you’ve been to your local state park many times, drive a little further down the road and try out a new area.

There is nothing like exploring the great outdoors, and you might even run into an unexpected treasure while wandering around. Happy hiking!

Author: Elizabeth Burgreen

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