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Hello Waldorf Students and Alumni!

I am in a great mood today because I just got back from a long and relaxing vacation. My spirits are high and I feel much more at ease.

I recently saw a startling statistic. A recent study found that in 2015, only 55% of US workers took the full amount of vacation days they were allotted. As someone who just came back from a vacation, I find that upsetting!

I know that each of you are hardworking individuals, trying day in and day out to balance work, school and family obligations, so I share this with you as a warning. No matter how busy you are, no matter how much you have going on, you deserve a break every once in a while.

Research shows that vacations can improve your mental stability, increase productivity when you get back to work and school and also make you an overall happier person.

Summer is almost half-way over and if you have not taken a vacation, do yourself a favor and plan it today! Get the family together, head to explore a new city or just relax on a beach somewhere! Your family, your professors and your coworkers will thank you for it!

Have you already taken a vacation this year? Let us hear about it! Comment below and include descriptions of your vacation and even photos!

Author: Claire Stewart

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  1. My family and I went to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA and Doorney Park. We had a blast. It was my daughter’s girl scout troop trip that they do every year in the summer time. Looking forward to next year’s trip to Lego Land in Florida.

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  2. My husband owns his own business and it’s very difficult to get a vacation in. He doesn’t have alotted vacation days (unless of course he allows them and can plan for them financially), no one is paying him while he’s away which makes it even harder. We’ve been planning a family vacation to Hawaii for two years now.It’s paid for and we leave in August. He’ll have to take some work with him to help keep the flow of business going, but it sure beats the alternative; not taking one at all. Hopefully he’ll be able to relax and enjoy being away for 12 days. Our adult kids have paid their own way and I’m very much looking forward to getting away with all of us together. Praying we all come back refreshed!

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