The Benefits of Spring Cleaning for Students

Winter has come and gone and the thought of spring cleaning is looming in the air. With summer quickly approaching, it’s easy for school work to start piling up. Don’t let school-related clutter get in the way of your work.

  • Straighten up the Workstation: Getting rid of clutter is an important step in the spring cleaning process. It is hard for our minds to focus on work when the area that you are sitting in is full of items that shouldn’t be there. Free up your workstation and your refreshed mind will have an easier time concentrating on the tasks at hand.
  • Use a Filing System: If you happen to have a stack of papers that you need for future reference, create a filing system in your desk drawer to easily access papers. Having an organized desk is easier to manage than digging through stacks of files.
  • Donate or Throw Away Unnecessary Items: If there are unused supplies on your desk that you have no use for, donate them to your nearest Boys and Girls Club, church or Goodwill.
  • DIY Projects: Is there a project you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest that’ll make your study space to feel complete? Whether it’s crafting a homemade corkboard or downloading a cute print, this is an easy way to vamp up the area without adding more clutter.

There is nothing like having a clean workspace to refresh your mind during your studies. Want more spring studytips? Check out “Spring has sprung. Celebrate by studying outdoors!” on the Warrior blog.

Author: Elizabeth Burgreen

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