The Chapters of Life

I am getting to the age where I am now able to look at my purpose and passions. My children are now both in college and I am now experiencing the “empty nest feeling.” My son will graduate this May and then he is off to Auburn University. My daughter who is 20 just graduated from Waldorf University and is doing well. For so many years I dropped my passions and desires because the needs of my family came first. As many of you know with children that’s just what you do, you give them your all. You almost lose yourself and then when you have time on your hands it’s almost like you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Many times I hear stories of people deciding to go back to college and get their degree. They have the time and energy now to do things they always dreamed of doing, but couldn’t. Education most often can help you identify your passions and desires. It is like a gateway that opens you up to other ideas for your life. Not only does it help you in the working world but it helps you as a person to grab life by the horns and to find your passion. I am sure many of you can attest to this. There are many things like this that can help fulfill you and open new doors for you. Education is just one of those doors.

I have worked since the day I graduated from high school. I then got married and within two years I started having children. I had one focus and that was to be a part in providing with my husband for our family. This was very hard and I set many things on the back burner. Now there’s a new chapter emerging in my life. I have more time and energy to put into writing my book. This is so energizing and and exciting to be able to fulfill my dreams. I am now on my third book and I can’t wait to see the end result. The feeling of letting go and being able to see the new come into my life is amazing to me.

As you walk through your next chapter whether it be the “empty nest”, going after your degree or another degree, a new job or new marriage, you must live life. I wished I would’ve allowed myself to live as I was in the middle of a chapter of my life. I shouldn’t have been so strict on myself I should have allowed myself to dream and to still pursue my passions. Whatever chapter you are in right now, enjoy it. I always say that whatever you are doing now will get you to where you are going. So, do your best to get all you can out of this time. Don’t dread life or circumstances just move them forward and face them.  You will soon be through that chapter and onto another.


1-Life is lived in chapters. Don’t become stagnant in a chapter of your life. Make sure to always more yourself forward.

2-Allow yourself to live in whatever chapter you are in currently. Where you are now will get you to where you will be in the future.

3-Don’t dread each day or week. Just accept it for what it is and move it forward. Before you know it, that too shall pass and you’ll soon be in another chapter.

Author: Brittany Gibson

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