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Think Positive. Be Positive | The Warrior

Think Positive. Be Positive

I am reading a great book called, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Norman Vincent Peale.  It is a very old book but has life-changing principles.  I read it a long time ago and my husband got us back into it and we are now reading it together. After reading the first chapter, my perception on life in general has changed drastically. I think we need to take a look from time to time at our attitudes of people and life. It is healthy to review your life and many times those negative habits that we have accepted can be identified and squashed out of our lives.

Positive attitudes can keep you moving forward.  Negative attitudes will stop you in your tracks and cause you to lose sight of your dreams. It is so bad on you that you could wander around aimlessly trying to find who you are for years and years when you think negatively.

We wake up in the morning and decide if it will be a good day or bad day.  You can have bad circumstances but with a positive attitude on top of them, you can make it through them and maybe even change the outcomes.

The worst time of my life was when my husband was seriously ill with colon issues.  It got so bad after we attempted all avenues of medicine that he had to go into the hospital.  That is hard when you stand and pray and just hope for the best and still some things do not turn out the way they should.  I am sure you have felt this way at some point in your life as well.

There were days when my attitude was horrible and just negative. I cried a lot and even temporarily took a leave of absence from my job to help him.  There were days that I had lost all hope in our future together as a couple and family.  He was so sick that the weight of the family with two children and our jobs was all on me.  I would have good days and bad days during these long three years of our lives.  When it gets this bad, you can only see the bad in the situation since it is so overwhelming.  The only thing that kept me from drowning in life’s struggles was knowing that this is temporary and it will get better.  I never lost my hope and faith to hold on even when the waters were overtaking me.

I knew it was up to me to carry the family with a positive attitude.  It was really the only way we survived.  It then helped my husband see us happy and positive as we looked at the circumstances of his declining health.

I am here to say that he did overcome this terrible sickness and is doing great!  This was a storm that was tough on us.  It lasted a very long time but we pulled through.  It was all about our attitudes and how we kept our hope.  Yes, we had those down days and they will come and try to stay, but kick them out of the way and choose to adjust your attitude.  As we did, it changed the environment we lived in.  Even in the darkest times having a good attitude that things will work out and my husband will be healed made all the difference.

If you find yourself in those tough situations, maybe pick up the book I mentioned earlier or even go to your pastor or friends and family to gain encouragement.  Reading and adjusting myself with the right attitude changed everything for me and probably even helped my husband get well sooner.  Your attitude and positive thinking will bring hope to all situations

Author: Chantell Cooley

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