Waldorf Alumni Spotlight | Darren Shull

Darren Shull, a 2015 Waldorf graduate in health care management, has worked in respiratory therapy for approximately 25 years.

“As I started out in the world of health care, the compassion of helping someone in need drove me to continue in this profession all this time,” explained Shull, director of respiratory care at a health center in Iowa. He supervises respiratory therapists and nurses as well as works with physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in occupational medicine.

“Even to this day, I come in early and provide hands-on care,” said Shull, “But I understand in a leadership role, you can affect the outcome and type of care received in a medical setting. That drives me daily to ensure that people’s medical needs are met.”

When Shull heard about Waldorf, he immediately recognized its drive to help others meet their educational needs.

“Waldorf has a great reputation in the state of Iowa as bringing a great education to the traditional student,” he said. “With that being said, I felt that same value could be brought to the nontraditional student.”

So Shull enrolled in Waldorf online courses and began his quest for a degree in health care management.

“You know, I had a great experience from the time of my inquiry. From my advisor to the enrollment staff to even the financial office staff. I thoroughly enjoyed the professors as they challenged my classmates and me,” he said.

That support and his hard work in his studies helped Shull attain his bachelor’s degree. This proved immensely beneficial to his knowledge and career.

“The degree actually propelled me into the next tier of leadership in our organization, which was a director role. This will allow me to pursue a master’s and move into the top tier of leadership,” Shull explained.

Away from work, Shull enjoys being with his family. “When I am not spending time coaching them and attending their events, I am an avid baseball fan. I have children that have been blessed with the talent of playing and I thoroughly enjoy that.”

He also loves being on the water and “at the beach, where I did do some of my studies — another plus of the Waldorf online program.”

Shull is proud of what his Waldorf online education has helped him accomplish.

“The leadership role in health care is at times a thankless one, but it is crucial in planning and adjusting to the changes that happen often in health care, whether it be a new law or type of leadership style that is most effective,” he said.

“Health-care leaders need and should be required to be educated on the topics that Waldorf provides as it will push us all forward.”

Author: Claire Stewart

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