Warrick Makes Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated recently published an awesome piece about Waldorf’s mascot Wally and his evolution to the newly named mascot, Warrick.

In the article, “Mascot Math,” the magazine featured three mascots who have undergone recent makeovers: Wally from Waldorf, Bob of Virginia Wesleyan College and the University of Maryland’s Testudo. The SI article got a lot of attention on Waldorf campus.

“I think it’s fantastic that Wally and Warrick made a national and international sports magazine.  It’s kind of an honor and makes me proud to be associated with the mascot and Waldorf,” said Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students. “I told students, friends and family about the recognition and everything though it was a pretty neat deal.”

Athletic Director Bart Gary also got praises from abroad, “I have had calls from all over the U.S. from friends and former students who saw the September issue of SI with Warrick as one of the featured mascots!”

SI attempted to interpret the inspiration for Warrick’s new look. By referencing “Toy Story” character, Stinky Pete, and Link from the “Zelda” video game, writer Mark Bechtel had some fun with Waldorf’s latest version of the mascot.

Nigel Jenkins, men’s basketball head coach, also enjoyed the article and joked: “I do think Warrick would take care of the new Bob (of Virginia Wesleyan College) but would likely need some back up against the new Testudo (University of Maryland)!”

According to Ramaker, this wasn’t the first time Wally went for a nip and tuck. Waldorf “revived” the lovable mascot several years ago. “We have worked hard to make sure he is out there representing Waldorf and fun.  When Warrick was developed, it only enhanced our school spirit and awareness of ‘being a proud warrior,’” Ramaker added.

“Mascots are fun and I think we are a distinctive small college with a distinctive mascot which may be why we got recognized.  Our use of the mascot makes us unique.”

Ramaker also clarified that Wally is not dead.  He will be brought out special events and yes, Warrick will be there, too. Maybe we should call them “Warriors United?”

Author: Brittany Gibson

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