Warrior Profile: Borry Propels Through Education Hurdles to Come Out on Top

In 1987, Adrian Borry began his educational journey. With hopes of receiving a degree and starting a career in his desired profession, Adrian started taking classes at a traditional brick and mortar school. Although he’d set many personal and professional goals, he just wasn’t able to achieve them at the time.

“I was motivated to earn my degree by several things,” said Adrian. “The first was a desire to finish an educational goal that I started but did not finish. I wasn’t able to apply what I was learning [towards] a career.”

Working in the fire service industry was a lifelong dream for Adrian. However, there weren’t many fire education opportunities in his area. He knew in order to move up in the ranks, he would need a degree under his belt.

“I joined my local fire department as soon as I could and began learning all I could about being a firefighter,” he said. “However, choosing to make fire protection a career was not an easy decision.”

After putting his education on hold for 11 years, Adrian decided to take control of this goal and approached his fire chief—a Waldorf student—about  the university. Later, Adrian was able to visit the Waldorf booth at a fire conference and learned more about the opportunities for online degree programs. He was even able to use credits he earned while pursuing his associate degree toward a bachelor’s degree.

“While taking classes, I realized I was not only learning about the subjects being taught, I was learning how those subjects could be applied to my career and how I could apply them to my life,” said Adrian.

All-in-all, Adrian was able to earn this degree in a shorter timespan than he projected. This realization helped him find the motivation to persevere and set another goal. He would go on to obtain not only a bachelor’s degree but a master’s degree as well with Waldorf.

“Using my degree, I have been able to apply for and receive the designation of chief fire officer from the Commission on Professional Credentialing,” said Adrian. “With that designation and my degrees, I hope to [be] an example of what education can provide a fire officer in their career and personal life.”

Waldorf was a perfect fit for Adrian because he was working shift hours and taking care of a family, all while earning his degree online. He enjoys working in the fire industry and hopes to share his passion with upcoming generations as well. How will he do that? Adrian’s ultimate goal is to stay a lifelong learner.

Author: Elizabeth Burgreen

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