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Warrior Ryan Holets Welcomes Hope Into His Family | The Warrior

Warrior Ryan Holets Welcomes Hope Into His Family

Ryan Holets, an Albuquerque police officer and Waldorf student, has always believed in hope and divine appointment. He didn’t realized he would be met with both last September.

In an original report from CNN’s “Beyond the Call of Duty” segment, Ryan was responding to a call when he came across a couple that seemed down on their luck and overtaken by addiction. Ryan soon realized that the woman, Crystal, was visibly pregnant. She was seven-to-eight months along and addicted to heroin.

Ryan, with a wife and four children at home, including a newborn, soon offered Crystal something perhaps neither of them would have ever expected. He offered to adopt her baby.

On Oct. 12, 2017, Hope was born. Ryan and his wife Rebecca were present for the birth and the beginning of Hope’s treatments for withdrawal symptoms. They immediately fell in love with baby Hope and welcomed her into their family instantly.

The couple had discussed fostering or adoption as something to consider in the future, but never imagined it would come into their lives like this—never imaged Hope coming into their lives in this way.

“She’s gaining weight, eating well, sleeping well,” Ryan said of Hope in an interview with The Washington Post. “We’re just praying and hoping for the best for her. As far as development goes, we won’t know the effects until she’s older.”

While the name seemed perfect for the blessing that the Holets added to their family, there was something else very special about the name that Ryan and his wife did not previously know—it is Crystal’s middle name.

Ryan and his family are praying that Crystal and her partner get the help they need to lead clean lives outside of the grip of addiction. Crystal calls Ryan her “angel on earth.”

Ryan has worked for the Albuquerque Police Department for six years and is completing his bachelor’s in business administration. He hopes to be promoted within the department and eventually enter the business world after retirement.

We are extremely proud to call Ryan a Waldorf Warrior.

“I chose Waldorf because, out of all the schools I looked into, it offered both the degree and format that I needed,” said Ryan. “As a married father of five working full time, going to school is a challenge. Waldorf has been most helpful while acclimating back into the academic environment and has made me feel at home.”

Sources: CNN, Megyn Kelley Today, The Washington Post

Author: Brittany Gibson

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