What is your Waldorf story?

Hi, I am Chantell Cooley, Waldorf Trustee. I am so excited that you chose Waldorf as your college of choice to pursue your education. For many, choosing to go back to school to finish their education is an incredible task. As an adult learner fitting education into an already busy life can be challenging, but here at Waldorf we are committed to helping our students finish their education.

I often hear stories about our students who have made sacrifices to finish their goal of education. Many of our students are first in their families to finish their degrees. I can remember an online student walking across the stage with a picture of their dad tightly held in their hand as they received their diploma. This student was so overwhelmed that he had finally finished and he was the first in his family to receive his education. His dad had passed away and he brought his father to the stage with him to show his appreciation.

Gaining an education has also opened up so many new opportunities of promotion as well. As I visit with students getting to hear how education gave them the promotion they needed for their jobs is so exciting.

There are so many more stories of how adults work their way through their education through so many challenges. Adjusting to life and pushing through one course at a time gives them strength and encouragement to push to the end.

As a student or alumni I hope you take this time to share your Waldorf Story with me. Let us know in the comments below how you are doing and what is causing you to pursue your passion of education.

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Author: Claire Stewart

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