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What Will You Do Different This Year? | The Warrior

What Will You Do Different This Year?

I always have a mantra I live by which is “Don’t be at the same place a year from now”. If you are wanting to excel in your job with more pay or maybe new responsibilities make action on this and do what it takes to reach that goal. Maybe you have a goal to be more of an influencer with others or even to be a mentor. Taking those steps to make action will be what it takes to move yourself from one level of success to another. I personally take each day and mentally see myself advancing forward. It could be to decide to be more social than you were last year, or to read one book per month on a topic that will help you at your job. There are so many ways to advance yourself whether its for a job promotion or just being a better person.

One thing that I decided to do years ago is to listen to people more–actually, to be an expert at listening. Now, I am still working on this, but for me this is a must in my position. Listening to others brings value to them and tells them that you respect what they have to say.

Instead of setting such lofty goals for yourself this year or that dreaded New Years Resolution, go after small things as I have stated above. As you do this, you will feel more accomplished and energized because you are meeting your goals. Here are some excellent goal ideas for the year:

  1. Listen more this year
  2. Write more cards to appreciate others
  3. Read more self help books
  4. Find someone to mentor
  5. Start your education

Author: Claire Stewart

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