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What’s in a Name? | The Warrior

What’s in a Name?

Today, February 10, 2016, I made a special announcement to the Waldorf community. That announcement was that on March 17, Waldorf College will officially change its name to Waldorf University.

One could assume a lot from this change. One could think we are abandoning our past —expanding to presumed bigger and better version of our future selves. Or one might think we are unhappy with who we are now.  Or one might think we want to change our identity completely.

These assumptions could not be further from the truth. Since 1903, Waldorf College has gone through many changes. It first began as a Lutheran college founded by Norwegian immigrants which provided instruction for the last two years of high school. Then in 1920, it became a junior college with an emphasis on business and teacher education enriched with the values of a liberal arts education. In 1994, Waldorf offered its first bachelor’s degree program and in 2001 became a fully accredited baccalaureate institution. In 2010, Waldorf rolled out its first online degree program and in 2014 we offered our first graduate program. We have always been an institution who evolves to fit the needs of our students. With the diversity of academic offerings Waldorf now offers, university status better reflects who we are as an institution and the direction in which we are headed.

Like me, I hope you feel a great deal of pride at Waldorf’s history, excitement in Waldorf’s present, and anticipation for Waldorf’s future. Most importantly, please remember, you are our greatest achievement and with this news, we hope only to inspire you in your personal and professional endeavors.


Author: Brittany Gibson

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