Alumni Spotlight: William Kemp

As a law enforcement officer with more than 15 years of experience, William Kemp knows about tough situations. From shoplifters to harden criminals, he’s dealt with a lot of tense situations.

However, in 2012, he was faced with his own harsh situation: He was let go from his job of 11 years as a federal officer.

“When I was laid off from my job, many people took jobs they didn’t want and told me to do the same. I was determined to go back to school, finish my degree, and try to achieve a better position,” explained Kemp.

He looked at several schools and soon determined that Waldorf College was the best fit for him. The criminal justice administration program and regional accreditation were key in his decision to attend. “The online classes were a huge attraction, too. Waldorf staff was very helpful and friendly which made choosing them very easy,” he added.

“I began a public safety administration degree at another college. I brought credits from that college, along with my work/life experience to Waldorf. They were able to use that towards my degree evaluation and tell me exactly the classes I needed to graduate,” said Kemp who enrolled in January 2013.

While attending Waldorf, Kemp was very pleased with the staff and faculty support.

“The professors had the classes planned in a consistent, professional manner. They followed the syllabus perfectly so there was never any confusion on when assignments were due,” he said. “They also quickly answered questions and were available to the students if needed. All the professors were professional and made learning fun.”

Within months after graduating with a bachelor’s in criminal justice administration in April of this year, Kemp was able to return to his beloved profession with more enjoyable hours.

“I have had my share of odd hours and shift work so I was ready for more stable hours. My current job allows me to work day shift with weekends off,” said Kemp of his Alabama job. “I am also very good at putting cases together and dealing with administrative work. Combined with my past law enforcement, this career very closely matches my exact skill set which has led to high job satisfaction.”

Kemp added he is very satisfied with what Waldorf’s education has done for his career and life. So much so that he is thinking about seeking the new master’s degree in organizational leadership.

“My level of self-satisfaction and pride is off the chart! In retrospect, attending Waldorf for my bachelor’s degree was one of the best decisions I ever made. The education I received from Waldorf changed my life!”

Author: Claire Stewart

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