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Women Who Inspire

March is Women’s History Month and I was recently asked who inspired me when I was growing up. Like many other women my age, I remember when Diana, Princess of Wales was introduced to the world.

Diana came on the scene as a shy 19 year old as a kindergarten teacher. She loved children. She soon met Prince Charles and he later proposed to her. In 1981, she married in what was called the wedding of the century. I can remember watching the wedding and how it was the fairy tale wedding.

What struck me the most about her was how she handled herself with such grace in the public’s eye. She was known as a “people person” as she did not meet a stranger. She never forgot who she was and always came across genuine and real.

Even during her most difficult times, she seemed to have this resilience about her that kept her focus on the good in situations. What a great role model for women today. While she is no longer with us, her legacy of caring and charm and her voice to acceptance of AIDs victims and against land mines is still heard today.

Diana was a great role model for me as I became an adult. She pushed through all the reasons she should not be a princess and excelled at being the best at what she was good at. She learned to push through the hard times and make the best of situations. But most of all, even though she had all the money and fame in the world, she stayed real to herself and others.

The three things I learned from Diana were to:

  1. Be among the people. Don’t let shyness hold you back from connecting with others.
  2. Be yourself, this is the best for you.
  3. Don’t forget where you came from.  Use it to make you who you are today.

I’d love to hear about the women who have inspired you in the comments below.


Author: Chantell Cooley

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